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I have a knack for finding things  and trying out things and breaking things when they don't work.  It's a useful skill I've found out and often my experiences help others in the form of techniques or products that I've found to be more effective of time save or back saving.  I live my myself and so anything that makes what I have to do to care for the menagerie here and myself easier is a win.  I've been asked by some clients that have used my suggestions and found them useful to try a blog.  Let's hope I can keep it interesting.  And I admit, most of the things I have found may have a limited market for pet owners/breeder, horse people, farm people etc.  But perhaps these products might be just what you are searching for but haven't found, or maybe you know of something that might interest me, please comment below.  Maybe these things need to reach a wider audience.

First of is going to be one of my favorite things.  I truly HATE being cold.  And I hate going to bed with cold feet. But I like sleeping in a cold room, with a fan. I've tried electric blankets and since I have cats the fire risk has always been a concern for my wire nibbling friends (another trick on that later) But also I get TOOO hot with the blanket on.  I've also tried the heated mattress pad and while it was better it always was too warm in the wrong places and not hot enough where I needed it, and yet still electric.  So heating pads, well back to the electrical concern, and the shape and texture I frankly hated.  The warmth was good and it was small enough that I could kick it completely out if I got too hot.  Hot water bottle, well CATS.  Waking up wet once was plenty.  And then I found THIS

K&H Pet Products Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer